ISSN 2542-0526



Issue № 1 (45) 2020

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Building Structures, Buildings and Constructions 

Mailyan L. R., Stel'makh S. A., Shcherban' E. M., Kholodnyak M. G. 

Determination and Use of Hidden Strength Reserves of Centrifuged Reinforced Constructions by Means of Calculation and Experimental Methods 

Building Materials and Products 

Saydan Murat, Keskin Ülkü Sultan, Kansun Gursel 

The Effects of Petrographic Differences on the Geomechanical Properties and Freeze-Thawing (F-T) Processes of Building Stones Used in Aya Helena Church
(Sille / Konya / Turkey) 

Technology and Organization of Construction 

Mishchenko V. Ya., Gorbaneva E. P., Sevryukova K. S. 

Foreign and Russian Experience Conducting Major Repairs of Housing Fund Taking Into Account Energy-Efficient Measures 

Designing and Construction of Roads, Subways, Airfields, Bridges and Transport Tunnels 

Piletskii M. E., Andrianov K. A., Zubkov A. F. 

Influence of the Load-Carrying Capacity of Vehicles when Performing Repair Works of Road Pavements by Means of the Jet-Injection Method 

Samodurova T. V., Gladysheva O. V., Alimova N. Yu., Peregudova V. N. 

Monitoring of Snowfilling Roads Sections — Information Modeling 

Senibabnov S. A., Andrianov K. А., Zubkov A. F. 

Analysis of Normative Documentation on the Calculation of the Strength Characteristics of Non-Rigid Road Pavement for the Permissible Elastic Deformation

Shtefan Y. V., Bondarev B. A. 

Risk Management in Requirements of the ISO Standards in Relation to Logging Roads 

Building Mechanics 

Eremin V. G., Kozlov A. V. 

Analytical Expressions, Taking Into Account the Shift Between the Concrete and Steel Structural Elements of Bridges in Continuous Multi-Span Beams

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