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Issue № 4 (44) 2019

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Building Structures, Buildings and Constructions

Fedorov V. S., Kolchunov Vl. I., Pokusaev A. A., Naumov N. V.

Calculation Models of Deformation of Reinforced Concrete Constructions with Spatial Cracks

Building Materials and Products

Dehghanpour Heydar, Yılmaz Kemalettin

Evaluation and Investigation of Waste Glass Aggregates and Powders in Architectural Mortars

Designing and Construction of Roads, Subways, Airfields, Bridges and Transport Tunnels

Borisenko Yu. G., Kazaryan S. O.

Features of the Stress Strain of Ceramsite Powder Modified SMA Pavements

Nguyen Van Long, Matvienko F. V., Nguyen Duc Sy

The Study of Deformation Stability of Asphalt Concrete Modified with an Additive Tafpack-Premium

Uglova Ye. V., Tiraturyan A. N., Shiloh O. A.

Prediction of Failure Fatigue Accumulation in Asphalt Concrete Layers of Flexible Pavements

Building Mechanics

Yeremin V. G., Kozlov A. V.

Analytical Dependence of the Shift from The Shear Stiffness of the Seam Between the Concrete Slab and Steel Beam

Kositsyn S. B., Fedorov V. S., Akulich V. Yu., Kolchunov V. I.

Numerical Analysis of a Cylindrical Shell and Soil Considering Changes in a Computational Model Over Time

Architecture Of Buildings and Structures. Creative Conceptions Of Architectural Activity

Podolskaya L. V.

Development Scenarious of Artistic Interior Design in the Historical Perspective. an Individual Approach to Design

City Planning, Planning of Village Settlements

Grosheva T. I.

Theoretical Foundations and Practice of Reconstruction of Landscape-Recreational Spaces

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