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Issue № 1 (25) 2015

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Bases and Foundations, Underground Structures

Ponomarev А. B., Kleveko V. I., Tat'yannikov D. А.

Analysis of Changes in Strength Characteristics of Geosynthetics during its Operation

Heat and Gas Supply, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Gas Supply and Illumination

Mel'kumov V. N., Loboda A. V., Chujkin S. V.

Mathematical Modelling of Air Streams in Large Spaces

Building Materials and Products

Goncharova М. А., Bondarev B. A., Proskuryakova А. О.

Prediction of the Durability of Filled Rigid Polyurethane Foam of Sandwich Panels

Designing and Construction of Roads, Subways, Airfields, Bridges and Transport Tunnels


Volkov V. V., Knyazev A. V., Melkumov V. N.

Estimation of the Dynamic Effect of Vehicles on an Asphalt Road Surface

Popov A. N., Xatuncev A. A., Zubkov A. F.

Non-Linear Calculation of Multilayer Airfield Pavements According to the Theory of the Plastic Curren

Chung Le Van

Improvement of the Methods for Calculating Subgrade Moisture at Different Levels of Groundwater

Building Mechanics

Safronov V. S., Domanov D. I.

Investigation of Dynamic Parametrs of Split Skewed Bridge Spans in Case of Loss of Contact Between End Beam and its Support

Bakushev S. V.

Elastic-Plastic Transverse Bending of a Rod During Limited Plastic Deformation

Theory and History of Architecture, Restoration and Reconstruction of Historical and Architectural Heritage

Bulatova Ye. K., Ul'chickij O. A.

Historical and Theoretical Background to the Formation of a Tourist Center: International Expe-Rience

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