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Issue № 1 (37) 2018

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Building Structures, Buildings and Constructions 

Krasnoshchekov Yu. V., Makeev S. A., Krasotina L. V.

Application of a Chart of Flexible Filament for the Calculation of Ceiling at Crash of Column of Framework

Heat and Gas Supply, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Gas Supply and Illumination

Mel'kumov V. N., Sklyarov K. A., Tul'skaya S. G., Chuikina A. A.

Criteria of Optimality and Condition of the Comparison of Design Solutions of Systems of Heat Supply

Medvedeva O. N.

Comparative Evaluation of the Energy and Economic Efficiency the Gas Supply Systems of Small Towns

Osipova N. N., Bychkova I. M.

Study of the Parameters of Heat Exchange of the Steam Phase of Propane-Butane Mixture with Soil in an Underground Gas Holder During Natural Regasification of Liqueified Hydrocarbon Gas in Autonomous Gas Supply Systems

Shuraits A. L., Rulev A. V., Usacheva E. Yu.

Choice of Mixtures of Agents in Heat Pumpsfor Heating and Cooling Media with Limited Capacity

Designing and Construction of Roads, Subways, Airfields, Bridges and Transport Tunnels

Kozlov V. A.

Stress-strain of Elements of Bridge Structures with a Varying Thickness of Walls Along the Length

Kositsyn S. B., Fedorov V. S., Akulich V. Yu.

Geotechnical Projection of the Influence of the Construction of the Designed Metropolitene Tunnel by the Method of Shield Passage on the Sedimentation of the Earth’s Surface

Building Mechanics

Kirsanov M. N.

A Precise Solution of the Taskof a Bend in a Lattice Girder with a Random Number of Panels

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