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Issue № 1 (41) 2019

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Please note that a mistake was made in the article by O. A. Gnezdilova «Automated registration of small-scale natural gas consumption using a new software product» published in Issue 1 (41) in 2019.
The author is affiliated with what must be referred to as «Moscow State (National Research) University of Civil Engineering» instead of «Moscow State Architectural University». 

Bases and Foundations, Underground Structures 

Sedaev A. A. 

Presentation of a Kernel and Transformants of a Nonclassical Elastic Foundation Through its Inhomogeneity Function 

Heat and Gas Supply, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Gas Supply and Illumination 

Astashev S. I., Medvedeva O. N., Chuikin S. V., Sklyarov K. A. 

The Optimization of Operating Modes of Technological Equipment for Underground Gas Storage 

Gnezdilova O. A. 

Automated Registration of Small-Scale Natural Gas Consumption Using a New Software Product 

Saprykina N. Yu., Panov М. Ya. 

Investigation of the Influence of the Modes of the Operation of a Geothermal Well with the Systems of Heat Supply and Air Conditioning in Combination with a Thermal Pump on the Temperature of a Soil Layer 

Technology and Organization of Construction 

Kukina O. B., Abramenko A. A., Volkov V. V. 

Optimizing the Composition Quality of the Non-Firing Limestone-Sand Phosphogypical Material 

Semenyuk S. D., Moskal'kova Yu. G. 

Calculation Method for the Formation of Microcracks Taking Into Account the Density of Claydite Concrete 

Kopytina E. A., Petrikeeva N. A., Tul'skaya S. G., Kuznetsov S. N. 

Application of the Game Theory in Construction Activity 

Designing and Construction of Roads, Subways, Airfields, Bridges and Transport Tunnels

Zadiraka A. A., Kokodeeva N. Ye., Kochetkov A. V. 

Technology for Laying and Strenthening Transportation Facilities Based on a Polyurethane Composite 

Tsaplin A. I., Zhalko М. Ye. 

Mathematical Analysis of Humidity Ure Transfer of Underground Water in the Subbase of Road Surfacing and Predicting the Parameters of a Drainage System 

Theory and History of Architecture, Restoration and Reconstruction of Historical and Architectural Heritage 

Podolskaya L. V. 

“I’ve Come to Say that i Have the Rights”: Russian Modernism in Architecture and Interior Design –– Reemergence in the 21st Century 

Architecture of Buildings and Structures. Creative Conceptions of Architectural Activity 

Özdamar Esen Gökçe 

The Red Narrative Cinema: an Urban Montage in Moscow

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