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Issue № 2 (42) 2019

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Heat and Gas Supply, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Gas Supply and Illumination 

Gulevskii V. A., Osipov Ye. N., Shatskii V. P. 

Cooling of Technical Objects Using Evaporation Coolers 

Kumitskii B. М., Savrasova N. А., Sedaev А. А. 

Mathematical Modeling of Thermal Process in Freezing (Thawing) of Wet Soil 

Ryabenko А. S., Kuznetsov S. N. 

Determining the Temperature in a Semiplane with a Slant Linear Crack Reaching the Half Plane Boundary 

Designing and Construction of Roads, Subways, Airfields, Bridges and Transport Tunnels 

Kozlov V. A., Kotov A. I., Loboda A. V. 

Modelling Failures of Asphalt Concrete Surfacings Caused by a Dynamic Impact of Water 

Medvedev V. A., Burkovskii V. L., Trubetskoi V. A., Mukonin A. K. 

The Robot with the Angular Coordinate System for Installation of Sleepers in the Metro 

Samodurova Т. V., Volkov V. V., Sklyarov K. A. 

Modelling the Bearing Properties of a Road Structure Restored Using Interlayer Injection by Means of a Repairing Solution 

Building Mechanics 

Kirsanov M. N. 

Calculation of G-shaped Farming of Road Signs and Equipment 

City Planning, Planning of Village Settlements 

Dopudja D., Rakonjac I., Gadzic N. 

Peculiar Properties and Possible Ways of Improvement of Current Fourfold Village Settle-ments Classifications in Republic of Serbia 

Mel'kumov V. N., Kuznetsov S. N., Tul'skaya S. G., Chuikina A. A. 

Influence of the Layout of Functional Zones of Cities on the Development of Heat Supply Systems 

Sotnikova O. A., Shchetinin N. V. 

Modelling of the Distribution of Thermal and Contaminant Pollutions in a Ground Layer of Urban Streets

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