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Issue № 2 (58) 2023

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Heat and Gas Supply, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Gas Supply and Illumination

Verification of the Mathematical Model for Calculating the Air Flow Velocity Fields for Displacing Ventilation of Rooms of Complex Configuration

Determination of the Temperature in a Homogeneous Half-Plane with an Inclined Rectilinear Crack Approaching the Boundary of the Half-Plane According to the Magnitude of the Heat Flux Through the Boundary of the Half-Plane and the Magnitude of the Temperature and Heat Flux Jumps on the Crack

Simulation of heat Carrier Motion in Tubular Heating Radiators

Building Materials and Products

Implementation of the Mathematical Planning of an Experiment Method in Selecting Optimal Composite Material Based on Gypsum Binder Filled with Wood Filings

Study of Concrete Filled UPVC Tubes as Column under Axial Loading

Technology and Organization of Construction

Sustainability and Optimizing Energy Consumption in Architecture of the Built Educational Spaces (Case Study: Hashtgerd Branch)

Designing and Construction of Roads, Subways, Airfields, Bridges and Transport Tunnels

Brief Historical Review and Analysis of Spiral-Winding Technologies for the Installation of Culverts in Modern Construction

Structural and Mechanical Properties of Modified Hot and Warm Mix Asphalt Concrete

Building Mechanics

First Frequency of Longitudinal Vibration of a Rod with Mass at one End and Partial Placement on Piecewise-Homogeneous Elastic Foundation

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