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Issue № 3 (27) 2015

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Building Structures, Buildings and Constructions

Mel'kumov V. N., Tkachenko A. N., Kazakov D. A. 

Innovative Pneumotechnologies of the Erection of Dispersion-Reinforced Structures

Figovskij O. L., Futoryanskij A. M.

Erecting Multistory Buildings with Monolithic Reinforced Concrete Slab Floors by Using Precast Large-Sized Spatial Structures

Bases and Foundations

Ledenyov V. V., Anh Chu Thi Hoang

Defining a Horizontal Displacement of a Drilled Pile Foundation Using the I. A. Simvulidi Approach

Heat and Gas Supply, Sewerage, Building Construction of Water Resources Protection

Medvedevа O. N., Kuritsyn B. N.

Restoration of Gas Heating Stoves

Yaremenko S. A., Panov М. Ya., Barakov А. V., Kolosov А. I.

Influence of Parameters of the Air Stream on Efficiency of Mufflers of Noise

Building Materials and Products

Lesnov V. V. , Yerofeev V. T. , Salimov R. N. , Smirnov V. F.

Resistance in Filamentous Fungi Filled by Epoxy Adhesive and Matrix Compositions Used in Carcass Concrete

Chernousov N. N., Chernousov R. N., Suxanov A. V., Bondarev B. A.

Influence of the Age of Fine-Grained Cinder Concrete on Its Strength Characteristics

Designing and Construction of Roads, Subways, Airfields, Bridges and Transport Tunnels

Zy Chan Van, Podol'skij Vl. P.

Problems of Improving Deformative Stability of Vietnamese Road Networks on River Slopes

Nguen Fyong Ngok, Mel'kumov V. N.

Nature Conservation Measures on Roadside Spaces of Vietnamese Highways

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