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Issue № 4 (36) 2017

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Building Structures, Buildings and Constructions 

Erkan Ilker, Tığdemir Mesut, Karaşahin Mustafa 

Analysis of Design and Capacity by Arranging the Functions in Small Scaled Airport Terminal Building 

Bases and Foundations, Underground Structures 

Pronozin Ya. A., Rachkov D. V. 

Theoretical Studies of the Features of Stress-Strain of a Foundation Loaded Along an Upward-Convex Curved Surface 

Samoxvalov M. A., Zazulya Yu. V., Kajgorodov M. D. 

Results of a Study of Stress-Strain State of the Soil Massive Around the Resulting Broadening at the End Drill-Injection Pile 

Heat and Gas Supply, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Gas Supply and Illumination

Saprykina N. Yu., Yakovlev P. V. 

Investigation of the Formation of the Temperature Field of Soil During the Operation Geothermal Heat PumpsUnder the Influence of Groundwaters

Shackij V. P., Gulevskij V. A.

Cooling of the Sealed Volumes Using Water Evaporation Coolers 

Water Supply, Sewerage, Building Construction of Water Resources Protection

Slavinskaya G. V., Kurenkova O. V.

Influence of Filter Materials on Water Quality

Building Materials and Products

Ercan Işık, Mesut Özdemi

Consistency of Concrete Material Models That Used for RC Buildings

Technology and Organization of Construction

Olofin IfeOlorun, Prof Liu Ronggui

Structural Optimization of Beijing Gymnasium Suspen-Dome with Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) Cable

Designing and Construction of Roads, Subways, Airfields, Bridges and Transport Tunnels

Dr. Shashi Kant Sharma, Aniruddha D. Chopadekar, Samarth Y. Bhatia

Improvement in Pavement Quality Concrete by Using Pozzolonic Materials with Polypropylene Fiber

Building Mechanics

Nazarov Yu. P., Poznyak E. V.

Theory of a Quasi-Static Analysis of Sport Grandstands

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