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Issue № 4 (52) 2021

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Building Structures, Buildings and Constructions

Umnyakova N. P.

Engineering Method for Calculating the Temperature on the Inner Surface of the Outer Corner of a Building

Fedorova N. V., Vu Ngoc Tuyen, Medyankin M. D.

Analysis of Nonlinear Static-Dynamic Deformation of Reinforced Concrete Frames in Out-of-Limit States

Heat and Gas Supply, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Gas Supply and Illumination

Chuikina A. A., Panov M. Ya., Kuznetsov S. N.

Development of a Methodology for Determining the Best Option for the Route of the Heat Network at the Initial Design Stage

Building Materials and Products

Bobrova E. Yu., Popov I. I., Gandzhuntscev M. I., Zhukov A. D.

Thermosetting Binder for Fibrous Insulating Materials

Popov I., Levchenko A.

Experimental Investigation of Internal Friction in Rubber Concrete and Fiber-Reinforced Rubber Concrete

Selyaev V. P., Nizin D. R., Kanaeva N. S.

Quantitative Assessment of the Kinetics of Damage Accumulation in the Polymer Matrix Structure Under Full-Scale Climatic Factors and Tensile Loads

Slavcheva G. S., Britvina E. A., Shvedova M. A.

Fresh Properties and Mix Design for 3D-Printable Decorative Concrete

Chandrasekaran Vijayvenkatesh, Rajupalem Rahul Reddy

Behaviour of Ternary Blended Cement Concrete Slab with Steel Fiber under Impact Loading

Technology and Organization of Construction

Mishchenko А. V., Gorbaneva E. P., Preobrazhensky M. A.

Reduction of the Bim Dimension of the Full Life Cycle of Building and Facilities

Building Mechanics

Kozlov A. V., Safronov V. S.

Numerical Simulation of Aerodynamic Stability of Long-Span Bridges

City Planning, Planning of Village Settlements

Ilyichev V. А., Kolchunov V. I., Bakaeva N. V., Kormina A. A.

Urban Environment Design: New Methodological Approaches Based on the Biosphere Compatibility Paradigm (Part 2)

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