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Manuscript Submission

“Russian Journal of Building Construction and Architecture” is an Open Access online journal which publishes research articles in the field of architecture and construction aimed at covering the latest developments in the field. 

Each article is peer reviewed and is freely accessible via the Internet in easily readable and printable PDF format. 

Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with Instructions to Authors. The full manuscripts in .doc (or .docx) format have to be submitted by e-mail to 

Manuscripts must be submitted by one of the authors. 

The authors should also submit covering letters. Submitting covering letters, the authors confirm that the manuscript (or any part of it) has not been published previously or is not under consideration for publication in other journals. 

The submitted manuscripts are evaluated by anonymous referees for originality, relevance, and presentation. After the refereeing process is complete, a handing editor makes a decision for acceptance or rejection. There are two types of revisions: major or minor. For a major revision, original referees will be invited to review the manuscript again, and make a recommendation. For a minor revision, no more reviews are required, the handing editor makes the final decision of acceptance if both the content and format are acceptable. 

If the reviewed manuscript is acceptable, we send an author checklist for final manuscript submission requirements. 

There are no publication or page charges associated with this Journal. 

Any questions related to the preparation and submission of your manuscript should be addressed to 

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